Will You Rock Xiaomi Dual-side Foldable Smartphone?


This is a leak video from @evleaks and it’s a pointer to what we should expect in few weeks from Xiaomi.

The alleged foldable smartphone from Xiaomi can be folded both sides, turning the huge tablet-like screen to a small phone-like form-factor. This means that, when both portions are no longer in use, what is left resembles a wide, smartphone-like device complete with curved edges on either side.

Running a version of Xiaomi’s MIUI 10 custom overlay, the first half of the 20-second clip shows the unknown user handling the device just like a traditional tablet. After initially unlocking the device, the person proceeds to open the Google Maps app.

This functions just as expected but quickly adapts to the new form factor when the user begins folding the device.
According to rumors from China, the phone might be teased at its Redmi event on January 10th as a surprise.

If this is real, this should be the world’s first dual-side foldable phone.

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