My Wife Part 2 Episode 7


NKECHI: dede, have you noticed that Amara hasn’t been her normal self since yesterday?

EBUKA: yeah. Your friend looks like someone who worries a lot. That is something you need to tell her to work on.
I like my woman happy; a woman I can have a good laugh with, not one who is constantly moody and worried.
I’ve texted her a couple of times to come upstairs and talk to me, but she said no.

NKECHI: I’ve known her too long, and believe me, she is a very bubbly lady. Something must be bothering her. Please see if you can talk to her. Bikonu

EBUKA: we are not even married yet and I am already expected to pet and pamper her. You really love this woman because you were never this nice to Funmi.

NKECHI: because she is useless! Please she is not one to remember before breakfast. Dede, try to talk to Amara, please! Im going back to my room. My tummy aches.

(Ebuka went down stairs where Amara was seated on the sofa alone in her night gown, held her hands and persuaded her to go upstairs with him, reluctantly, she followed him)

EBUKA: sit on the bed

AMARACHI: I don’t feel like sitting down

EBUKA: now let’s get serious! I’m not going to rape you, am I! If I want sex from you, I will ask blatantly. I’m sure you know this! Come on! Tell me your fears

AMARACHI: I have none

EBUKA: your face says otherwise. Come on! Talk to me

AMARACHI: (starts crying)???

EBUKA: oh no! What’s the matter. Are you worried about how people would view You marrying a divorcee?

AMARACHI: no. I’m just worried that we are getting married soon and I do not have any business of my own.
I really want to start my shoe business and I only need half a million naira to complete the money.

EBUKA: awww! Your desires are good. It shows you are not selfish and you desire to be a great helper.
If it’s just half a million, then ill transfer it to you as soon as I get to the office this morning. It’s nothing to be all gloomy about, alright?

AMARACHI: God bless you so much! You are such a blessing to my life! Now, I can’t wait to get married! It’s been the only hitch so far.

EBUKA: you are welcome, beautiful. Now that we are on it, I might as well tell you this. I am frightened. So so frightened…I am only trying to put myself together because I didn’t want you and Nkechi to be worried

AMARACHI: what’s going on? You can always talk to me.

EBUKA: I injected all my life savings in an investment and so far, it is not looking great.

I told you about the contract I gave my Chinese friend, right?

AMARACHI: yes, you did.

EBUKA: now, when he finished the job, the company paid him and he gave me the sum of 15 million naira. I didn’t want to waste it so I started researching things I can invest in.
Then I found this car dealership company in Dubai, contacted them and the guy I spoke with assured me they can send me about 4 brand new Honda accord for one hundred and fifty million.

I thought it was a fair deal, so i added more money to the fifteen million and paid them. He called to confirm receipt of the payment and promised he would keep me updated all the way.

Four days went, and he didn’t contact me. So i decided to call the number we had been communicating with and it wasn’t going through.

I went on their website and it kept saying the site is temporarily shut down for maintenance.

AMARACHI: oh my God! This is scary but again, it might be too early to be so worried now. It may be that they are working on their website indeed. So don’t let that get you down.

EBUKA: Amara, This is a case of storing all your eggs in one basket. I invested all my savings. I only have about two million naira in my account now. So just pray for me, okay. Please pray for me

AMARACHI: I will do. All will be well.

EBUKA: so what will you be doing today?

AMARACHI: erm, Nkechi has been complaining of this tummy ache since yesterday, so she can’t do much around the house. I’ll do a bit cleaning and then go to the market and buy food items

EBUKA: you don’t need to do the cleaning. There is a woman who does it for us every month. The problem is that Funmi is the one who has her number. I’ll try and text her today and ask for it

AMARACHI: (frowns)??

EBUKA: okay…..Someone is jealous. Come on! I’m never ever going back to her. Not when I have my Igbo princess now. What was I even thinking!

Anyway, better late than never. Tell Nkechi to remember to take the medications I got her last night.
I’m off now, look after yourself…ehn! Is your passport ready yet?

AMARACHI: are we still going?

EBUKA: why not! I don’t mind borrowing to have that special private time with you. Ah! Don’t even question it

AMARACHI: Yes, my passport is ready. Like I said, don’t let that bother you okay? Have a good shift.

EBUKA: am I qualified for a goodbye kiss yet?

AMARACHI: I’ll give you a hug (hugs him) bye

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EBUKA: (staring at her lustfully) that should be the warmest hug I’ve ever received in my life.

A foretaste of what is to come!
God don butter my bread!?‍?

(Ebuka left and Amara went back Into the room where Nkechi was still asleep)


NKECHI: (faintly) hmn, morning, Amara

AMARACHI: morning, darling. How are you feeling?

NKECHI: horrible?

AMARACHI: did the medication you took last night help at all?

NKECHI: not at all

AMARACHI: chai! Don’t be ill please. No wedding without the chief bridesmaid o!

NKECHI: ah! Even if I was dead and buried, i would resurrect, attend the wedding and then die again

AMARACHI: hahahaha! Naughty! So what would you like to eat today?

NKECHI: white soup please

AMARACHI: Madam white soup! Anyway, don’t forget to take your meds. I’ll quickly rush to the market and get the white soup ingredients. Alright?

NKECHI: this is what I’ve been moaning about! What Yoruba woman would do this! Thanks our wife

(Amara left but as usual went to Wuse2)

AMARACHI : so how are you doing?

FUNMI: I’m still in shock over what happened yesterday

AMARACHI: human beings don’t shock me anymore. Your friend is a she devil.
She should be glad my demons were on holiday yesterday. I would have beaten her into coma. Bastard!

FUNMI: honestly, I wouldn’t believe it in a million years. I tell Calista every single thing about me. I mean the tiniest details!

AMARACHI: there should never be a person who has that much detail about you. Never!
Don’t give anyone such power. They could destroy you easily.
Keep some secrets to yourself. Some secrets should die with you!

FUNMI: big lesson, sis. Big lesson! How is Ebuka? Is he eating at all or still drinking. I really miss my husband, my home and Nkechi ?

AMARACHI: awwww! Well, Ebuka is there. We don’t see so much of him. He wakes up, goes to work, comes home and goes to bed. Same routine everyday!

FUNMI: does he eat at home?

AMARACHI: sometimes.

FUNMI: how about Nkechi?

AMARACHI: she is a bit unwell.

FUNMI: oh no! What is wrong with her?

AMARACHI: she’s been having this persistent tummy ache.

FUNMI: ughhh! Hope she feels better soon.

AMARACHI: Amen. So why did you suspend your MSC programme?

FUNMI: I was in debt. Ebuka refused to pay my tuition fee. I had no option than to withdraw. I can always go back and finish it when I am able to.

AMARACHI: how much is your tuition fee altogether

FUNMI: about one twenty thousand naira

AMARACHI: I’ll transfer it to you now. Go back to uni tomorrow morning.

FUNMI: did I hear you right????

AMARACHI: you did. The money will be in your account soon.

FUNMI: Amara! Where do you get all these money from? I don’t mean to be rude, but you are only a student!

AMARACHI: I know I don’t look it, but I’m actually not a pauper.

FUNMI: awwwww! (Hugs her) now I believe in angels! I have one standing right in front of me. How could you be so kind to a total stranger. A girl from a different tribe, speaks a different language and all.

AMARACHI: because if I cut her open, she will bleed the same colour of blood that I bleed. That makes us one!
Our differences are ones we created ourselves.
I am mostly blind to them.

So how much do we need to complete our business money?

FUNMI: 50k from you and 50k from me! And I have mine ready!
Remember Adaku my mum’s tenant?

AMARACHI: yes, the nice lady you told me about?

FUNMI: yes. She joined her husband in Canada. She sent me 70k yesterday! I’m just so blessed!

AMARACHI: awwww! Bless her! Anyway, here is my own 50k. Italy here we come!!!

FUNMI: yeeeeeee! Great entrepreneurs in the making! ???????

AMARACHI: yessssss!? I need to leave now. Nkechi is alone in the house. One more thing, my boyfriend is in town, we will be spending the night tomorrow here, if you don’t mind.

FUNMI: awww! Of course I don’t mind! It’s your house! Where is he coming from?

AMARACHI: he came back from Spain yesterday, he is currently in Lagos but will come here tomorrow to see me. We won’t come back until around 10ish okay?

FUNMI: no worries at all. Please dear, can I ask for a favour?


FUNMI: if Ebuka ever asks you out, or asks you for sex, please don’t oblige him, please I beg of you?

AMARACHI: Funmi, you don’t have to trust everybody, but you’ve got to trust someone…

Bye, hun. (Leaves…)

To be continued………

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