My Wife Part 2 Episode 5 (A New Beginning For Funmi)


NKECHI: If you need help taking your luggage to the van, let me know o! I’m nice like that?

FUNMI: you need more help than I do.

NKECHI: whatever! As long as you disappear and never show your face in this house ever again.

FUNMI: shebi you are a woman? It will all come back to you. Mark my words. Amara! Amara!

AMARACHI: yes, Funmi.

FUNMI: my van is here. I’m sure they must have told you, but I’m leaving this house for good. Just thought I should tell you. Bye.

AMARACHI: but you shouldn’t have cheated on your husband. I’m sorry but you caused all these

FUNMI: God in heaven knows I didn’t cheat and he alone is my witness. (Gets into the Van and leaves)

NKECHI: yeeeeeeeee! Storm is over, storm is over now….?????

AMARACHI: your brother has been sad since all these started. We need to find a way to make him happy tonight. We just have to. What do you think we should do?

NKECHI: sleep with him in his room. Hahahaha! But honestly that would make him happy. He was indirectly telling us he is sex starved yesterday, when he said he hasn’t had sex with the idiot since he learnt of the adultery???

AMARACHI: don’t be silly! What do you take me for? What’s your brother’s favourite meal?

NKECHI: vegetable soup. Especially water leaf.

AMARACHI: alright! I’ll go to that junction market and get the ingredients, so we can cook for him

NKECHI: awwww! A good wife right there!

(Amarachi quickly left the house and as she shut the gate behind her, she started ringing Funmi)

FUNMI: (amidst tears)?????? Hello, Amara

AMARACHI: where are you?

FUNMI: I’m on my way to Calista’s house. She promised to shelter me until I am able to find a place.

AMARACHI: no! Please stop the van and tell me exactly where you are. I’ll meet you there. Please

FUNMI: we are just opposite the filling station after the junction.

AMARACHI: don’t move an inch. I’ll be there in literally three minutes…bye!

(Amara met up with them, and joined them in the van)

AMARACHI: Funmi, please stop crying. You have cried enough. Driver, take us to Wuse2

FUNMI: but my friend is very happy to have me stay in her house. Why bother?

AMARACHI: Funmi, you have no friend in her. Please forget her!

FUNMI: she is the only friend I have. Where in Wuse are we going to? Honestly, I wouldn’t want you spending your money on me. You are still unemployed dear please. You have already done enough for me.

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AMARACHI: I hope you understood that I didn’t mean what I said in front of Nkechi?

FUNMI: initially, I didn’t understand but when you communicated with yours eyes, I got it

AMARACHI: I’m sure you didn’t eat so when we get to the house, we just leave everything and go out to eat.

FUNMI: which house though?

AMARACHI: you will find out.

(They got to a newly built and fully furnished two bedroom apartment, and Amara asked the van driver to stop. They got off and offloaded..)??

FUNMI: hmmm! Amara, whose house is this?

AMARACHI: here (hands her a key??) for now, this is your home. Treat it as yours, no one will ask you for rent or anything. So make yourself comfortable

FUNMI: is this some joke? But whose house is it?

AMARACHI: it is my brother’s house..

FUNMI: where is he then?

AMARACHI: he lives in London with his family. We had tenants in it but I recently asked them to move because I wanted to use the house.

FUNMI: Amara! I can’t believe this. And you know the funny thing? From here to where I work is literally seven minutes walk!

AMARACHI: that was why I wanted it specifically in Wuse2. That was why I asked where you work the other day.

FUNMI: I don’t understand. I thought you said it is your brother’s house. How come you wanted it specifically in Wuse2. Tell me the truth, did you rent this house?

AMARACHI: I didn’t. When you told me where you work, I remembered that is where my brother’s house is. Come on! Let’s go eat something

FUNMI (looking around in amazement) but this is a new building!

AMARACHI: ermmm, fairly new, but it’s just been renovated that’s why it looks new

FUNMI: Amara, I can’t believe my eyes. You and Calista are my angels on earth. What would I have done without you! God knew Ebuka was going to become a monster and he sent you my way. I’m so grateful (Hugs her really tight)

AMARACHI: come on! It’s okay. I’m famished!

( Amara and Funmi went to a nearby restaurant, ordered plenty of jollof rice, fried meat and drinks and began to eat??????????)

FUNMI: I still can’t believe what Ebuka is doing to me. It’s really sad; I loved him with all my heart

AMARACHI: I understand but life is not always fair. But I want to let you know that your destiny is not tied to any man or woman as a matter of fact. You are enough on your own.

It hurts when the one you love suddenly hates you, but that’s not the end of the world.
You must not cry your heart out, quit your job, start neglecting yourself and become depressed because a man left you.

You have a good job, thank God. You must continue grinding. Whatever dreams you have, you must keep at it. Nobody else matters in this life more than you do.

Listen, there is no shame in walking out of a place where you are no longer wanted. So when you walk on the street, keep your head up.

If Ebuka comes around and you want him back, fine! If he doesn’t, be open to love.
I do not believe that there is only one man out there for a woman. So push aside that idea of when you lose your destined man, that’s it for you.
Every woman has more than hundred men who are capable of treating her right. So if one starts feeling like the best thing after sliced bread, chuck him out and move to the other. This is just what I wanted to tell you.

FUNMI: your words are so healing and encouraging. I wish you didn’t stop. Why are you so strong? There is this spirit in you that is just… I don’t know but I can’t describe it. How do you do it?

AMARACHI: I have been broken several times. My many heart breaks made me strong, and I am determined to support any woman who is going through what I’ve been through in any way possible.
No, I won’t tell you to kill your husband or anything like that, I only encourage women to rise above the things they go through. Because, no better revenge than becoming successful.

And I know you work, but you need streams of income. If you are interested, I’m about starting a shoe business, we can do it together.

FUNMI: wow! Please I’m interested. Can I ask you a question?


FUNMI: do you work?

AMARACHI: not yet. I’m still looking for a job. But I do business here and there trying to save up money for my shoe business

FUNMI: there is currently an available position in my company. Would you like to apply for it?

AMARACHI: yes please!

FUNMI: send me your CV via email and I’ll do the rest

AMARACHI: thanks so much! I’m grateful. I’m going to be on my way now. They must be expecting me. But I’ll be coming here to spend time with you every often until I move in finally….when my job is done

FUNMI: Amara, I can’t thank you enough! I really can’t. God bless you. Eshe!

AMARACHI: hope you know your way back to the house?

FUNMI: yes. It’s just round the corner.

AMARACHI: bye hun. See ya!

(Amara rushed back home and deliberately did not buy any food items for the proposed vegetable soup)

EBUKA: where have you been? I’ve called you a million and one times!

AMARACHI: just begin to thank God. In fact, you guys must testify to the goodness of God on Sunday. Your family is blessed

NKECHI: what happened?

AMARACHI: hmmm! I fainted in the market. For four hours , doctors at the general hospital were trying to resuscitate me. Hmmm

EBUKA: what?

AMARACHI: my parents would have accused you of using me for rituals o! Kenekwanu chi unu (better thank your God)

NKECHI: Jesus Christ! It’s that Yoruba witch! She knows You will replace her. She has started her juju but power pass power! She will be the one that will die.
Very diabolical set of people!

AMARACHI: I thought as much my dear. It must be her.

EBUKA: so who paid the hospital bill?

AMARACHI: One woman paid everything and even bought me food

Ebuka: wow! Thank you Jesus

AMARACHI: amen o!!!

To be continued………(Kikikikiki 😂😂 Amara oo, now finding you interesting)

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