My Wife Part 2 Episode 3


BAR. VITALIS: so, I invited you so I can have a good understanding of the issue before I am able to give you any legal advice.


So the Chinese man is a friend of yours?


EBUKA: yes. I met him in China when I did a programme there.


BAR VITALIS: so what exactly are you trying to do with him.


EBUKA: so here is the story. As you know, I am a director in my company and I feel like we need the entire building of our Abuja office renovated, and a conduit wiring done instead of the surface wiring we currently have.


Now, most of my fellow directors are cool with it. Only one difficult woman isn’t so happy with it.

I just wanted to know what the law is in that area.


BAR VITALIS: does your company have it’s own constitution?


EBUKA: no. We use the Company’s Act.


BAR VITALIS: would this contract benefit you in any way?


EBUKA: ermm, well, because I’m giving the guy the contract, he promised to give me some cash if he is given the contract


BAR VITALIS: Hmmm! Be careful there.


EBUKA: how do you mean?


BAR VITALIS: well, under s.175(1) of the Company’s Act which forms the constitution of your company, you have a duty to avoid conflict of interest with your company.


EBUKA: what does that mean?


BAR VITALIS: in a layman’s term, you must avoid any situation which you have or can have a direct or indirect interest that conflicts or possibly may conflict with the interest of the company.


EBUKA: but this contract will promote the success of the company, which is also my duty as a director.


BAR VITALIS: If you must enter into this contract, then you have a duty under s.177 to make a full declaration of the nature and extent of your interest to other directors.


EBUKA: nah! I don’t want to tell them. That silly woman will kick against it. She hates me!

What if i decide to go ahead and give him the contract without declaring my interest in it?


BAR VITALIS: well, the consequence is that you will be required to account for all profits from the contract, You may also be required to pay the company an equitable compensation.

Another consequence is the recession of the contract


EBUKA: all these will happen if they find out, right?


BAR VITALIS: and that is much much easier than you think. Walls have ears…


EBUKA: so what’s your advice?


BAR VITALIS: If you must enter into that contract, be sure to declare your interest to your fellow directors


EBUKA: I’m not doing that.


BAR VITALIS: Mr Okoye, my duty as your lawyer is to advise you. At the end of the day, the decision is yours to make. But I have given you my candid advice.


EBUKA: thanks, Barrister. I’ll be on my way now.


BAR VITALIS: alright. Bye.


(Ebuka got into his car and discovered that Amara had rang him severally, so he decided to give her a call)


EBUKA:(📲📲📲) hey babe. Sorry I was at my lawyer’s office. You okay?




EBUKA: what’s the problem?


AMARACHI: I’m alone and lonely in the house!


EBUKA: where is Nkechi?


AMARACHI: she went out with her boyfriend


EBUKA: Is that little dirty cheat home yet?




EBUKA: good for her. As soon as she comes back, I’ll ask her to leave my house. So what would you like to do.


AMARACHI: I want you to take me out


EBUKA: but babe, I finish work at 6pm!


AMARACHI: that’s the perfect time to go on a date 😔


EBUKA: phew! Okay! I’ll see what I can do. I’m driving back to the office


AMARACHI: do we have a deal?


EBUKA: be sure to wear something steaming hot. Bye. I’m on the wheel


(When Amara dropped the phone, she decided to give Funmi a call)


AMARACHI:(📲📲📲) hello, dear


FUNMI: hi, Amara. I called you earlier on and your phone was engaged.


AMARACHI: sorry I was on the phone with my boyfriend. So how’s your mum? Is she okay now?


FUNMI: my dear! Our tenant took her to her brother’s hospital where they properly looked after her.

The best part? They did not charge me a kobo! We are back home now and my mum is even cooking me amala!


AMARACHI: awwww! How kind! At least you will not be crying like a little girl anymore. Mummy’s girl!


FUNMI: hahaha! When I come back, I’ll give you back the money you gave me, as I didn’t use it again


AMARACHI: come on now! Why would you! Use it to get yourself some things in Lagos. Seriously, keep it


FUNMI: awww! You are so kind! Do you know that Ebuka hasn’t called me since I left. I’m really so heart broken. If anyone told me that my own Ebuka would treat me like this, I would not believe it!


AMARACHI: it’s really sad. He has been miserable himself. Doesn’t talk to anyone or eat at home. Sometimes he comes back with takeaway, eats and jumps on his Xbox


FUNMI: is he still drinking?


AMARACHI: no, I think his elder brother told him off about it.


FUNMI: okay. Amara, i want to ask you a question and I don’t want you to be angry with me.




FUNMI: please don’t be offended. Has my husband ever asked you out, or make any advances?


AMARACHI: no. Why?


FUNMI: I’m so sorry, Amara. I’m just so paranoid and wondering why Ebuka has lost every feeling he had for me.

I just want to know if he found love somewhere else. I’m sorry I asked you (starts crying)


AMARACHI: come on! You don’t need to cry. I am a woman like you so i understand your insecurities. But to be honest, is he really worth your tears?

Listen, never cry over a man. Cry over the last piece of chicken in the oven, cry over not getting your eyebrows right, but never for a man.


You have a whole lot of life in front of you. So if he leaves, so be it! When are you coming back?


FUNMI: thanks dear and I’m sorry for asking you. I’ll come back this evening, as I will be going back to work tomorrow.


AMARACHI: alright then. If you get home and I am not here, there’s some spaghetti in the fridge.


FUNMI: ughhh! I would like to meet you at home. Where are you going?


AMARACHI: I’m getting dressed to go see a friend of mine. But I should be home before 10pm


FUNMI: alright then. See you soon and thank you so much!


(Amara dropped the phone and immediately, the real estate agent started ringing her)


AMARACHI: (📲📲📲) hello?


AGENT: Good morning, madam, I found this new property. Very very lovely house .


AMARACHI: where?


AGENT: It’s in Gwagwalada, ma


AMARACHI: I specifically told you I want the house in Wuse2! That was for a reason! Stop calling me up and telling me about properties in other places! Wuse2 or you refund the deposit I paid!

Listen, I need that house latest by the end of this week. If you can’t do it, please let me know. I have other agents that are willing to do it!

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AGENT: I will try my best, ma.


AMARACHI: thanks! Bye!


(At exactly 6pm, Ebuka texted Amara that he was waiting for her at the gate, so she met him there and they drove off to yet another expensive dinner date.

Their orders arrived, and Ebuka started eating but at some point, he noticed that Amara had barely touched her own meal..)


EBUKA: what’s the matter? Why are you not eating?


AMARACHI: I’m eating…


EBUKA: this was supposed to be your date! You asked for it.

Are you sure your mind is even here!

I requested you wear something a little revealing, but you wore this maxi trouser instead! Now you are not eating your food!

Why did you ask for a date if you didn’t want one!


AMARACHI: I’m just thinking about a lot of things


EBUKA: such as?


AMARACHI: life, love, loss…in fact, I have been thinking about life in general


EBUKA: you should have stayed home and gave life a good thought instead of coming out here with me and acting as if I am irrelevant.

That’s plain rude!


AMARACHI: I’m sorry but it’s just that I am in dire need of money. I’m just thinking of how to raise the money for my shoe business


EBUKA: how much are you looking at raising?


AMARACHI: 3.5 million, for a start.

Once we get married, I don’t want to be disturbing you about money. I want to be able to contribute to our home.

I’ve always told myself that my husband can always trust me to hold the family when he is unable to do so.

But if we get married now, I can’t do that.


EBUKA: I understand. No man actually wants a liability for a wife. We all want a woman who can indeed be a helper in all aspects.

I will look into it later tonight but for now, I need those charming smiles and happy face back. They keep me sane! Biko


AMARACHI: (smiles faintly) thank you, love.


To be continued………( I smell something fishy, this Amara is up to something. Nkechi look at what you caused oo🙆🙆)

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Nkechi with her own plans, amara doing another one for herself..

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