My Wife Part 2 Episode 2


FUNMI: 📲📲📲📲📲) hello?

ADAKU: hi, how are you!

FUNMI: I’m worried. I’ve been ringing my mum since morning and she is not taking her calls. Please have you see any of them today and did my dad come home for the weekend?

ADAKU: don’t worry, everything is fine. Your mum was a bit unwell this morning, but she is stable now

FUNMI: oh my Lord! Was it this dream I had! What happened to her? Where is she? Please give her the phone I want to speak with her😢😢

ADAKU: calm down my dear. Your mum is fine. we are both at the hospital now and I can assure you that it is no longer life threatening and she is getting the best care possible in my brother’s hospital

FUNMI: Jesus! I’m coming to Lagos straight away!

ADAKU: there’s no need for the rush. If you wanna see her, take your time and maybe come tomorrow. There is really no need for you to come now. I am here and I will make sure she is alright, to the best of my ability

FUNMI: (starts crying😢😢) please can I talk to her?

ADAKU: oh yes you can! But don’t just make it lengthy as she has been advised to get enough rest, okay?
Right I’ll pass the phone to her.
Madam Bola, Funmi is on the phone for you

MADAM BOLA: (starts crying😢😢😢)

FUNMI: mummy, why are you crying!! Are you in pain?

MADAM BOLA: I am in emotional pain. Funmi, the way I have treated this lady. I am so ashamed of myself.
I can’t face her.
Never in my life would I believe that an Igbo person could be so nice! 3 times I was rejected by hospitals owned by yorubas.
And here in a hospital owned by an Igbo person, I am being giving VIP treatment….

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ADAKU (takes the phone from her) this is not the time for all these, ma. We must stick to the doctor’s advice. Hello, Funmi, please just let her rest now, okay?

FUNMI: Adaku, so my mum has been wicked to you and you never mentioned it to me????

ADAKU: of what use would it be? If I had told you, you would have gone to tell her off, she would get angry and both of you will fall out, creating more and more hatred in the world.

The world already has enough people hating and not talking to each other. We don’t need anymore of that.

FUNMI: I can’t believe this! How can you be this kind to a woman who has treated you so badly! And she is not even from your tribe!

ADAKU: that is because, we are from the same human race. Before being Igbo, I am human first and that is one thing we have in common.

FUNMI: I just can’t reconcile you with this sister in law of mine! Two totally different people from the same tribe! How can I!🤦‍♀️

ADAKU: because whatever a person is, has nothing to do with their tribe, race or gender. It has everything to do with who they are and how they have decided to treat other people.

FUNMI: I wish the whole world know this! Thank you so much! I’ll speak to my husband now and hopefully, I’ll be in Lagos tomorrow.

(Funmi dropped the call and went to the sitting room where her husband was filling out some forms)

FUNMI: Ebuka, my mum is hospitalised and I need some money to go see her tomorrow 😢

EBUKA: I’m sure you know who to ask (concentrating on the forms he was filling)

FUNMI: Ebuka, I am not going to use the money on myself, it is for my mum!☹

EBUKA: interesting! How sure am I that you are not going to Ghana to continue your escapades with your manager?

FUNMI: stop it Ebuka! Stop acc…

EBUKA: (at the top of his voice) stop what!!! You effing cheating bastard! Are you not even ashamed of yourself?
Look at you! Just look at the state of you! You disgust me!
You know what? I will not give you the honour of making me angry! (Grabs his car keys and left)

FUNMI: (starts crying)

NKECHI: (taps her on the shoulder) madam! Madam! Please go upstairs yeah? It’s a very hot Saturday afternoon. You are disturbing the peace! Biko!

(Funmi went upstairs and continued crying and Nkechi went to meet her boyfriend who was waiting to pick her up at the gate. Amara then went upstairs to funmi)

AMARACHI: what’s the matter? Why are you crying?

FUNMI: I’ve just discovered that my mum is very Ill in the hospital, and Ebuka wouldn’t give me any money to go and see her😢
I am not asking him for millions I just want ten thousand naira to supplement the one i have on me😥

AMARACHI: it’s okay. Stop crying, I’ll transfer some money into your account

FUNMI: but you are only a student, how are going to raise the money?

AMARACHI: I know you feel I am wretched, but I am actually from a wealthy home. So I’ll transfer fifty thousand naira to your account now. Okay? So get ready and get going.

Send my love to your mum and if you need anything, you have my number. Just text me okay?

FUNMI: I just don’t know what I would have done without you! (Hugs her)

AMARACHI: please don’t make me cry! Get ready okay?

(Funmi got ready and left for the airport and Amara started calling a real estate agent)

AMARACHI (📲📲📲📲) hello…..
Sorry, the line went off earlier. So what I need is a 2 bedroom apartment close to Wuse2. I need it well finished and I want it for at least 6 months.

AGENT: madam, it’s very hard to find a landlord that will be willing to agree to that. The minimum you can pay is one year

AMARACHI: okay! how much would that cost?

AGENT: 1.2 million

AMARACHI: listen, I don’t want any endless negotiation. I’ll pay 1 million and please this is urgent!

AGENT: just because I really want to work for you. You need to pay twenty percent deposit before we start.

AMARACHI: send me your account, I’ll transfer it immediately. I’ll be waiting .thanks. bye!

(When she dropped the call, Ebuka started ringing her)

AMARACHI (📲📲📲📲) hey, babe!

EBUKA: who were you on the phone with?

AMARACHI: my mum. She was asking when I’m coming back

EBUKA: my in law! Tell her we will be coming together to see her.
Is that cheat out of the house yet?

AMARACHI: yes, she left about an hour ago

EBUKA: bingo! Get ready, I’m coming to pick you up. Let’s do some weekend shopping and dinner afterwards!

(Amara looked her best as she walked hand in hand with Ebuka in the mall. People kept admiring her as she picked everything she needed and they finally made their way to one of the most expensive Chinese restaurant in town)

EBUKA: so what would you like to have, your royal hotness?

AMARACHI: (perusing the menu) erm, noodles, chicken balls, shrimp fried rice with a bit of sweet and sour sauce and some ribs.

EBUKA: and what drink would you like?


(Ebuka placed the their order and when it arrived, the lovebirds spoke about their future plans as a couple)

EBUKA: so what kind of wedding would you like?

AMARACHI: elaborate! Like so elaborate!

EBUKA: ticked! Where would you like to have your honeymoon?

AMARACHI: Singapore

EBUKA: ticked. First car?


EBUKA: ticked, with a question mark


EBUKA: only if you give me a daughter as my first child


To be continued……(So that is how Ebuka wants to leave Funmi after all the love he proposed hmmmm😢😢😢)

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