My Wife Part 2 Episode 14


(Amara came home after spending most of her day at the hospital but didn’t find Funmi at home, so she started ringing her)

AMARACHI: (?????) babe, where are you?

FUNMI: (???) hey babe, I’m at Zain’s. How are you?

AMARACHI: doing what? Are you not coming back?

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FUNMI: no, I think I’ll spend the night here.

AMARACHI: you’ll spend the night at a man’s house, Funmi???

FUNMI: what’s wrong with that. You are talking to an adult with full mental capacity, remember?

AMARACHI: yes! One who is married too!

FUNMI: no babe, don’t get your tenses wrong. One who was married!

AMARACHI: I’m sure you know you are still legally married to Ebuka

FUNMI: separated is also a recognised relationship status!

AMARACHI: Funmi, this is not you at all. How could you so easily fall in love with a guy you met barely a month ago!
What if he is a ritualist? What else do you know about him apart from his name and phone number?

FUNMI: I know he’s handsome, I know he’s kind and I know he will never treat me the way EBUKA did! That’s enough knowledge; don’t you think!

Come on! How could you be contradicting yourself! Were you not the one who preached to me about moving on? Finding happiness and never crying for a man. I took your advice on board and I must say, I am loving it! I know I once asked you not to date or marry Ebuka, but now, I take it back. If you so care about that family, then go ahead and marry him!

AMARACHI: okay, Funmi I’m sorry, okay! I’m not trying to dictate to you how to live your life, I just want you to have your family back. Family is everything, sweetheart!

FUNMI: Zain wants to speak with you, please. I’m tired of this conversation already! (Passes the phone to Zain)

ZAIN: Hello, Amara how are you?

AMARACHI: I’m fine. Good day.

ZAIN: listen, I know whatever you are doing is borne out of genuine concern and love for your friend. So I understand that very well. But please I am not a bad person.
I know good people are currently in short supply but rest assured she is in good hands.
All I care about is her happiness. Every other thing is secondary

AMARACHI: if you care so much about her, why not bring her back home!

ZAIN: unfortunately, I can’t bring her home. Your friend sustained an injury so I am looking after her

AMARACHI: an injury! What did you do to her!!! What kind of injury is that and why do you think you can look after her more than I can!!!
If she requires any personal care, do you think it will be appropriate for you to do that for her knowing she is a married woman??

She is another man’s wife! Go get yours. For crying out loud! You are young and successful so go get yourself a wife and leave another man’s wife alone!
What’s this trend of young boys going after people’s wives!

ZAIN: do you want me to answer that question? Well, it might just be because husbands are leaving their duty towards their wives undone and those young men are taking them on.

AMARACHI: oh spare me the gospel!

ZAIN: Amara, I can see you are really getting too upset now, so it’s in the interest of both of us that I drop this call.
Sorry, I’m gonna have to hang up now.

AMARACHI: pass the phone to Funmi. I need to tell her something!

ZAIN: (gives funmi the phone)

FUNMI: you are on to me

AMARACHI: Nkechi has got a donor

FUNMI: oh my God!!!! Thank you, Jesus! This is what you should have told me instead of all that gibberish you were chatting earlier on!
Who is the person?

AMARACHI: anonymous. All we know about her is her name. She is called Zainab.

FUNMI: that’s an Hausa name! Wow. God indeed is gracious. I hope Nkechi becomes more open minded after this. I thought she would have rejected the kidney and wait for one from an Igbo prince or princess as she would put it.

AMARACHI: also, same Zainab paid Ebuka’s debt to his company for five months or so

FUNMI: hian! I hope she is not one of his numerous concubines from uni days. And he pretends not to know this person?

AMARACHI: he doesn’t

FUNMI: I don’t believe him; but again, it’s none of my business. I wish them well. I have a great news to share with you when I come back

AMARACHI: hmmmm! Funmi! Walk with your brains. Don’t walk before them!

FUNMI: yes ma’am

DOCTOR : good morning, guys. Erm, we successfully carried out an operation on the donor in her preferred hospital yesterday. It was a seven hour operation.

We have got the kidney with us now. The nurses will be here at nine on the dot to get you ready for transplant. Okay?

NKECHI: okay doctor. I’m just scared; would i be alright?

DOCTOR: erm, we hope you will. No surgery is risk free and definitely not one as complex as a transplant. We do not guarantee anything but you can count us to do our best.

NKECHI: mummy?

MADAM EBERE: yes, darling

NKECHI: please pray for me.

MADAM EBERE: what else is my duty? I have been talking to God and I know he will never let me down. My only daughter! Mbanu! (Never) nothing will happen to you!

EBUKA: Nk, you need to join faith with us. Give no room for fear and doubt. Cast down every imagination that contradicts the word of God. His word says we shall live and not die.
I have been fasting with mummy and brother Chinwendu’s family since yesterday.
So all will be well, alright

(Ebuka’s phone rings???) when he looked at the screen, it was Mr Churchill. His heart skipped two beats)

EBUKA: Jesus Christ!

MADAM EBERE: o gini? (What is it?)

EBUKA: nothing, mama. I’m just gonna go outside and take this call. Be right back?‍?‍?‍?‍??

Hello, good morning sir. Please I understand that I need to make this month’s payment and believe me I have been running around to put something together. I am not on the run, sir. I can’t

MR CHURCHILL: good morning, Mr Okoye. Calm down! Listen, you are one of my favourite staff and it was sad to let you go, but the company has policies which I am duty bound to abide by.

But I believe you are a very lucky young man.
Yesterday, a lady by name Zainab came to the office and made five months payment of your debt. So for five months, we won’t be taking any money from you.
I also know how difficult things are for you right now, if you need any assistance from me, please let me know.

EBUKA: God bless you, sir!

MR CHURCHILL: no worries Mr Okoye. I learnt your sister is awaiting kidney transplant. How is she?

EBUKA: she will be going into the theatre in about two hours time.

MR CHURCHILL: oh I wish her good luck with that. When you get her bills, forward it to me. I’ll take care of it.

EBUKA: did I hear you right, sir

MR CHURCHILL: you did, man! Come on! You are still my boy! I remember how young you were when you started with us. Young, ambitious and hardworking.
I know you got your hands dirty, but that does not erase every other wonderful contribution you have made towards the success of this company!

EBUKA: (tearfully) sir, I cannot express how I feel about this. I’m sorry I disappointed you. It’s a mistake I’ll regret for the rest of my life?
Can I please ask what this Zainab of a lady looks like?

MR CHURCHILL: I’m sure she is a Muslim lady in her early thirties as she was wearing a hijab. She came with her husband and she had a wedding band on. Tall and fair. I’m not good with describing people, so that’s about it

EBUKA: I wish I know this person so I can at least say thank you to her!

MR CHURCHILL: I guess you can also pass it around by doing something nice for someone else when you are in a position to do so. That’s how the world can be a better and less hostile place to live.
I’ll leave you now so you spend more time with your sister before her surgery

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