My Wife Part 2 Episode 13


EBUKA: come in, Amara.

AMARACHI: why is everywhere dark? What happened to your light?

EBUKA: I switched them all off

AMARACHI: why would you stay in the dark!

EBUKA: because I am currently in the dark. My life is full of darkness from the inside.

AMARACHI: oh no! It’s not.

EBUKA: I got a letter from the court today, asking me to pay back the fifteen million naira or an order for sale order will be granted the company against this house.
Amara, this is a house i inherited from my dad and his reason for giving it to me is so that I will use it to look after Nkechi.

Now, I can’t look after her, I’ve lost my wife, my job and now I’m about to lose my house
I just want to end my life, Amara. It’s not worth living

AMARACHI: Don’t you even mention it! Find out from them if you can pay installmentally

EBUKA: even if I am asked to pay back a thousand naira monthly, I won’t still be able to pay it. And Mr Churchill called and said he is happy for me to be paying fifty thousand naira monthly. Where am I going to get such amount of money!
Life!!! Fifty thousand used to be nothing. When I go out with the boys on weekends, we spend twice that amount, and sometimes more….

Please, have you heard from Funmi at all?

AMARACHI: no, I haven’t. Ebuka, all will be well, I’m sure. You just need to put yourself together; let’s do What we can do and let God do What we can’t do. Here is sixty five thousand naira, please have it on you just in case?

EBUKA: oh come on, Amara! You are not even employed yet! You should keep this money for yourself!

AMARACHI: remember the shoe business you gave me money for? This money is part of the profit I made on my first sale.

EBUKA: You are joking!

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AMARACHI: I’m not. Cast your bread upon the waters, after many years, it will come back to you. So take it please.

EBUKA: I’m just speechless right now! Amara, your coming into this family was for a time like this!
Well, I now have two sisters. Thank you!

(Amara got back to Wuse2 and met Funmi dressing up and looking all glamourous)

FUNMI: why is your face like this? What’s happening?

AMARACHI: where are you going?

FUNMI: I’m going for a wedding

AMARACHI: whose?

FUNMI: one of Zain’s old classmates is getting married, so he asked me to come with him

AMARACHI: Funmi, an eye for an eye makes all of us blind.
Ebuka wronged you, no doubt but if you look at it from a different angle, the allegation against you was convincing.
One, because it came from your friend. Two because there was a strong evidence to back it up.

Bury the hatchet and at least call him to say you’ve heard what’s happening to him. I know all you remember now is everything wrong he did to you.
But think about the good old days.
I learnt he loved you to the point where people believed you used some charm on him.

He isn’t looking for you now because he is insolvent. When he started looking for you, all these hadn’t happened to him.
The moment he knew the truth, he wanted you back. Please find a place, any place in your heart to forgive him.

FUNMI: Amara, I am honestly trying to pick up the fragments of my broken heart and move on, and you are trying to take me back to Egypt!

Seriously, girl! You saw it all! You saw the humiliation, the verbal abuse, Ebuka once pushed me really hard I nearly banged my head on the wall.
I’m sorry for what he is going through and I pray he gets well but I can’t!

AMARACHI: Ebuka risks going to prison if he does not pay fifty thousand naira every month to his company.
His sister is yet to find a suitable donor and undergoing dialysis every four to five days at a whooping cost of eighty thousand naira per session.
This is too much for just one man!

FUNMI: what I went through was too much for just one woman! Zain is here, babe!
How do I look?

AMARACHI: beautiful!

FUNMI: do you think these shoes go with my Asoke?


FUNMI: thanks babe! See ya!

STRANGER: good day, doctor

DOCTOR: good day, madam. How may I help?

STRANGER: my name is Zainab. I was looking through your website and saw that you have a patient in your care who is in need of kidney

DOCTOR: that’s right. Miss Nkechi Okoye is her name. Would you like to see her?

STRANGER: no. It’s not necessary. I would like to give her one of mine.

DOCTOR: how kind of you! But that would depend on your compatibility. Do you have an idea of what your blood type is?

STRANGR: universal

DOCTOR: perfect! But I have to take your blood to do two more tests. I’ll also run a general health test on you. Okay?



STRANGER: Hello, my name is Zainab. Can I see Mr Churchill, please

Yes, his office is the first on your right.

STRANGER: good morning, sir

MR CHURCHILL: morning. How may I be of help?

STRANGER: my name is Zainab, I’m here on behalf of Mr Okoye.


STRANGER: he is supposed to pay the company fifty thousand every month. Is that correct?

MR CHURCHILL: that’s correct, yes.

STRANGER: here is a cheque for two hundred thousand naira. That should cover him for four months.

MR CHURCHILL: who are you, if I may ask?

STRANGER: I told you my name earlier

MR CHURCHILL: I know that, but who are you to Mr Okoye?

STRANGER: it’s not important. Could I have a confirmation of this payment, please. Thanks.

MR CHURCHILL: leave your email address with me, and I will send you a confirmation once the cheque goes through.

STRANGER: thanks. I’ll take my leave now.

To be continued…….(Seriously?? What is wrong with this dude 😠😠😠)

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