My Wife Part 2 Episode 10 (New Wave)


(After what transpired between Amara and Ebuka yesterday, Ebuka left their room and spent the whole night in the hotel’s bar. Around 3am, he came in and met Amara sitting on the one seater sofa by the bed..)

EBUKA: why are you not sleeping?

AMARACHI: why do you care!

EBUKA: Amara, I’m really sorry..

AMARACHI: what are you sorry for?

EBUKA: I am sorry for everything that happened last night. How I spoke to you and how I left you all alone. I thought I should just go to the bar, drink and forget it all; but I just couldn’t drink so I sat there all night.
I managed to finish a glass of lemonade I bought.
I promise to let things happen naturally between us. I sat down and gave it a thought, and I realised I may have been pushing things a little too fast.
I promise to give you all the time you need to get over the fact that I ever slept with her.
If you need any professional help, I’ll pay for it.

(Sits on the opposite her ) Amara?


EBUKA: I want to advise you on something. For a moment, forget about everything that has happened to us, forget about our relationship and all that. See me as a friend advising you.

You see what happened last night? Never ever try it with any other man. Now, I would never in my life have unconsented sex with a woman. Even if we had started, the minute she withdraws her consent, I’m done! But not many guys out there can say same of themselves.

AMARACHI: I just wanted you to feel her pains!?

EBUKA:?whose pains?

AMARACHI: she’s been in bits ever since!

EBUKA: what the hell are you talking about!

AMARACHI: I’m talking about funmi! I am talking about your wife!

EBUKA: oh I see! So this is what it’s all about right? Women supporting women huh?

AMARACHI: she’s going through so much emotional trauma ??

EBUKA: well, she should have thought about that when she opened her legs to her boss! ??
You speak of pain? Do you even know the taste of pain? No you don’t !

Do you know how much it hurts to know that the woman you so much loved, trusted and cherished was cheating on you??
Do you know how many times I contemplated suicide? Do you?
Do you know what it feels like being made to feel less of a man?
I loved that lady more than any woman I’ve ever been with.
Now, let me be sincere to you, I know I have told you that I love you and all, but I do not love you half as much as I loved Funmi

(takes off his shirt pointing to a huge scare on his lower back)
Look at this! This was done to me by a cult member who wanted Funmi when we were in uni.
I was tortured for three days with no water or food and told that if I am even seen anywhere around her, I would be killed.

When I was released, guess where I went first? Guess where I bloody went first! (Starts crying??)I… I….went straight to her hostel.
I was ready to die for her.?

But what did I get paid with? Cheating and lying!
Tell me about pain! No, tell me!

AMARACHI: what if I tell you she never cheated?

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EBUKA: oh cut the crap! Did you not listen to the conversation between her and her friend?

AMARACHI: Ebuka, things are not always what they look like. What she admitted to in that recorded conversation, happened three years before she met you! No, I don’t mean three years before she married you. I mean three freaking years before she met you!

EBUKA: oh shut up! I met Funmi in her final year at the university!

AMARACHI: and it happened when she went for her industrial training in year one! When she graduated, she went back there and they offered her a job!

EBUKA: how did you know??

AMARACHI: because I took the time, asked her and listened to her. Something you never bothered to do.

EBUKA: she never told me? All she would say whenever I asked her, was that she didn’t cheat!

AMARACHI: because she didn’t cheat! You married Funmi. You have known her longer than I have; but it took me only a few days to find out that she is not the most confident person in the world.
People like her rarely can defend themselves. They would rather cry their hearts out in secret than engage in such argument with anyone. Especially in matters as sensitive as this one.
Ebuka, you failed in your duty as her husband!
You allowed your sister and brother to think for you.
Listen Ebuka, if I were to be married to you, I would make you choose between marrying me and keeping your sister in my house.
My goodness! Nkechi has no respect whatsoever for your wife, and you do literally nothing about it!

The way she speaks to her, the way she treats her and make mockery of her accent. Take this from me, not many women will take it. I definitely wouldn’t!.

EBUKA: do you mean she slept with her boss before we got married??????

AMARACHI: no. She slept with him before she met you! And it wasn’t even a case of an employee opening her legs to her employer. They were in a serious relationship!
Osai had met funmi’s family and all that.

When they met with the church’s committee, they asked them to run some compatibility tests. Unfortunately, their genotypes posed a risk.

EBUKA: Amara, I’m going back to Nigeria now to look for MY WIFE! You can stay here and relax. Everything is paid for until Friday, so the choice is yours!

AMARACHI: I’ll help you find her.

(Ebuka and Amara boarded the next available flight and arrived Nigeria at about 8am in the morning. Amara told Ebuka that she was going to see her brother, while Ebuka hurriedly went home to begin his search for Funmi.

Amara got to Wuse2 and met Funmi and Zain. Funmi’s belongings were all in the living room as she had made up her mind to leave Amara’s house)

AMARACHI: (opens the door) hello! Looks like we’ve got a visitor. What’s up Funmi?

FUNMI: Amara, even you? You of all people, Amara? You told me I could trust you, you told me I could talk to you. You made me comfortable outside and occupied my home inside.
Amara, May you be rewarded in your own coin! Everything you’ve done to me, another will do to you! This evil that you did will surely come back to you in folds

AMARACHI: amen! Funmi, I have done you no wrong! I have not broken any single promise I made to you. You have to believe me, please!

FUNMI: (pushes her out of the way) get out of my face you whore! (Walks out of the premesis)

ZAIN: come on girl! That wasn’t on! That’s your fellow woman. How could you hurt a girl who is already terribly hurt! What do you stand to gain? Her husband? Karma has got you on her list, babe! Wait for it soon!

AMARACHI: (starts crying) please don’t judge me if you don’t know my mission)

ZAIN: what blooming mission is that!

AMARACHI: I’ve never slept with her husband. I have been working hard to restore her home and I am almost done please don’t let all my efforts be in vain.
Please help explain to her. I have been able to get her husband to know the real truth???

Here,?? I have a full clip of everything that happened in France with me. My boyfriend got me this CCTV and I went with it. Please help me beg her to watch it.

ZAIN: hmmm! Now this is getting interesting. Give me a minute, I’ll get her!

(Zain managed to convince Funmi to watch the CCTV footage of everything that transpired between them. Half way through it, Funmi felled Amara’s knees and in tears, begged her to forgive her..)

ZAIN: girl, you are not human! Human beings don’t do this sort of thing. Human beings hurt, hate, kill and betray each other. What department of heaven are you from?

AMARACHI: thank you for making this happen. I’m glad I have my sister back?

FUNMI: (Hugs her and they both started crying)

ZAIN: (struggling to hold back his tears) gosh! And I thought I was a man! Ladies, stop it please! Oh! You both are so sweet!

FUNMI: Amara, guess what?

AMARACHI: tell me.

FUNMI: our parcel arrived and has been sold. I placed another order for ten thousand pairs and we made a profit of seven hundred thousand naira!
It’s resting in our joint account!????

AMARACHI: Oh my God! Are you serious!?????

EBUKA: Nkechi mepee Uzo!! (Open the door!) Nkechi!! Nkechi!! Jesus Christ! Where is this girl! I need to go find MY WIFE! Nkechi!!

EFE: ?‍?‍?‍ good morning, brother Ebuka

EBUKA: morning, Efe. Have you seen my sister at all today?

EFE: Auntie Nkechi no well so my madam and oga carry am go hospital since yesterday. So them give me key say make I give you when you return

EBUKA: what! Wetin dey happen to her?

EFE: I no know o! Them say she dey vomit blood commot for her mouth and when she pee, blood go dey commot. I no sure but you fit call my madam and ask am.

EBUKA: damn It! (Collects the keys from Efe, went in grabbed his car keys and started driving out of the compound while ringing her neighbours to know which hospital they took Nkechi to…)

To be continued……..(All i have to say is LOL  😂 )

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