My Wife Part 2 Episode 1


Ready for church, as we stepped out, she just slumped😢😢😢😢

ADAKU: madam Bola! Madam Bola can you hear me?? (Feels her pulse) oh dear! Her pulse is barely there!
(Kneels down and gives her 15 chest compressions, then bends over her, locks her mouth into hers and gave her 3 rescue breath)
Can you hear me, Madam?

MADAM BOLA: (very faintly) y-e-s

ADAKU: great! Alright, just give me a minute let me get my car and take you to the hospital! Tosin, please get me Bose to assist me with getting her into the car!

(Adaku brought her car, assisted by Bose and Tosin, they got her into the back seat of the car. Adaku put her in the recovery position)

ADAKU: Bose, please come with us to the hospital. Some hospitals won’t help you get the patient out of the car and I can’t carry her alone, please. Tosin is only a boy

BOSE: sorry I can’t come with you guys. I’m sure the hospital will have wheelchairs to move patients around. Saturdays are the only days I rest. So I really need to rest but I’ll be praying for her. She will be fine, she is probably stressed

ADAKU: Tosin, get into the front seat!🚘🚘🚘

(Adaku drove as fast as she could to Ayodele General Hospital. She quickly got into reception and requested a wheelchair, but one of the nurses told her that all their wheelchairs were currently in use
She went back to her car and with a lot of difficulties, carried madam Bola into the hospital, purchased a card and they gave her a bed. After about 10 minutes, the doctor walked in and started taking her vitals)

DOCTOR: my name is doctor Ayodele, erm, I own this hospital. Your mum’s blood pressure is dangerously high. If nothing is done soon, and I mean s-o-o-n, she will have a heart attack and that may be fatal.

ADAKU: oh no! Please doctor, commence treatment!

DOCTOR: you need to deposit a non refundable sum of one hundred and thirty thousand naira, before we can do anything for her.

ADAKU: please doctor, I do not have any cash on me right now. Please treat her and money will never be an issue!

DOCTOR: we accept card payment, so, you don’t need to pay by cash.
If you look well at the reception, you will see it clearly written that we do not commence treatment without deposit. That was after we lost huge sums from cases like this.
So, it’s our policy here.
I’m going back to my office. When the payment is made, come to my office with the receipt and we will commence treatment. Remember, you must act fast! 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

(Adaku took her to two other hospitals owned by Yorubas, but they all refused to treat her without deposit. So she decided to ring her immediate younger brother who is a UK trained doctor and owns a sophisticated hospital in the Island
His brother quickly sent an ambulance to transport Mrs Bola to their hospital where treatment was immediately commenced on her..

(Amara was at the backyard spreading her washings when Ebuka walked up to her)



EBUKA: how have you been?


EBUKA: what are you doing?

AMARACHI: it is obvious, isn’t it?

EBUKA: there’s no need to be rude. I..I am sorry I haven’t been talking to you all these while. I have been really messed up.
First, i want to apologise for the other day at Hilton. I was acting under frustration.
Secondly, I am also sorry for the nights I disrupted your sleep because I was drunk.
That was just my way of trying to block reality. I just don’t wanna face it

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AMARACHI: it’s fine. It’s your house anyway. Erm, Thanks for having me. I will be leaving tomorrow.

EBUKA: That’s why I’m here. Phewww! What I’m m about to say, will contradict what I told you at the hotel. Perhaps, love does grow with time.

Seeing you everyday and seeing what a total woman you are, has made me fell in love with not just your body, but you.

AMARACHI: interesting.

EBUKA: I just wanted to ask if you could stay a little longer with us here. No, I’m not asking you to warm my bed just yet. Seeing you around makes me feel better. Can you just….You know…erm, just stay…

AMARACHI: You need a house girl?

EBUKA: no no! Of course I’m not asking you to do stuffs around the house. It’s up to you if you want to do them or not. I just want to come home and meet a woman at home, that’s it

AMARACHI: your wife is here. What other woman do you need to come home to?

EBUKA: listen, Amara. Funmi is still my wife today only because we cannot obtain a divorce now. We’ve only been married for five months but I have asked her for separation.
She knows when I say I’m done, I am indeed done!
The marriage between I and Funmi, is finished. As it stands, I am single, sorrowful and seriously searching

AMARACHI: hmmm! I would have loved to stay. I’m sure you don’t need a prophet to tell you how much I want you in my life
I couldn’t even hide it but fate looked into my heart and created this opportunity…..

EBUKA: awwwww! It’s sad that love was standing all these while in front of me, but I couldn’t see it. Funmi was a scale in my eyes. I’m glad she fell off and I saw this diamond. If you give me the chance, I will make you the envy of your friends and foes alike

AMARACHI: but I must go to London

EBUKA: why!!

AMARACHI: I already paid for the ticket as well as my hotel and the fees are non refundable

EBUKA: How much is it all together?

AMARACHI: I paid nearly 2 million naira

EBUKA: I’ll transfer that into your account right now

AMARACHI: oh my God! Will you? Awwww! If not that someone might be watching, I would have given you a very deep passionate kiss right now! Thank you!!!!

EBUKA: we have forever and a day to do that. And let me know what you would love to do after your graduation so that I can be working towards that, okay?

AMARACHI: okay!! Thank you so much

EBUKA: it’s nothing. I like to help any woman I am with to achieve the best she can. That was why I sent this dirty little cheat to do her masters. But she has ruined it because she couldn’t keep her legs closed. Her loss anyway!
The next step will be to send her out of my house

AMARACHI: please give her some more time!

EBUKA: if you say so. You are very kindhearted, Amara and that’s another thing that gets me falling in love with a woman. And if she has legs like yours? I just give her my mumu button. Now you know who has my mumu button! 🤣🤣


EBUKA: anyway, send me your account number so that I can transfer the money before I leave. I’m going to see my solicitor

AMARACHI: yeeeee! I’ll go inside and send it now! Thanks baby! (Runs back into the house)

EBUKA: you are welcome mama!😊 (gets into the car and left)

NKECHI: what is it! Why are you excited this Saturday morning!

AMARACHI: NK! Guess what!

NKECHI: what!

AMARACHI: your brother has asked me to stay!💃💃💃💃 (starts texting Ebuka her account details)

NKECHI: that’s my girl!!!! 💃💃💃🖐🖐🖐🖐 so who are you texting?

AMARACHI: I am texting my mum to tell her, because she is expecting me home tomorrow!

NKECHI: (singing) what a wonderful world….👏👏 Yoruba female demon is about to lose her strongholds in this family!
The God I serve and pray to daily, neither sleeps nor slumbers! Chineke imeela o! (Thank you, God)
This is worth celebrating. Let me rush down to that mini market down the road and get some items for ofe nsala(white soup)

AMARACHI: alright, sister in law🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

NKECHI: if you like, I go call you auntie sef! Girl, I’m so grateful to you! You don’t know what you have done for me!

(Nkechi left for the market and Funmi came to the living room where Amara was seated, having coffee)

FUNMI: morning, Amara

AMARACHI: morning, dear. Hope you were able to get some sleep last night.

FUNMI: I did, but I had this nightmare about my mum and since morning I’ve been trying to reach her to no avail.

AMARACHI: didn’t you tell me she attends SDA. So she must be in church.

FUNMI: I thought so too, But I’m worried

AMARACHI: have you prayed for her?


AMARACHI: then quit worrying! When you pray and still worry, you are casting a vote of no confidence in God!

FUNMI: thanks dear. I worry no more. I saw you talking to my husband this morning. What was he saying?

AMARACHI: you know I was trying to convince him to sort thing out with you. He seems really hurt but you can still feel that he still loves you. I’m sure with time, he’ll come around.

FUNMI: I’m just worried about what would happen if he sends me out of this house.

AMARACHI: don’t worry, we will figure out something. Go get yourself a cup of tea. Ebuka is not worth all these headaches and heartaches..

To be continued………(chaiiiii😱😱 ibo people with money, see the way Ebuka just used money to buy Amara’s Love. Ebuka mumu sha🙅🙅)

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