My Wife Episode 12 (Continuation)


Ebuka slept at home last night, his first time sleeping at home since he got told about his wife and her manager.

Although he slept at home, he did not sleep in their bedroom and did not talk to Funmi or anyone else. He was on his Xbox in the living room until he slept off on the sofa.
Early in the morning, he woke up to a voice note on whatsapp from Calista.

The voice note was the full conversation between Calista and Funmi, in which she admitted sleeping with Mr Osai.

After listening to it, his fears were confirmed and he was ready to hear from the horse’s mouth. So he went upstairs were Funmi was on her knees doing her morning devotion.

EBUKA: sorry to disrupt, but you can always pray later. We need to talk!

FUNMI (gets up) good morning, darling

EBUKA: there’s nothing good about the morning. Did you sleep with your manager or not?

FUNMI: phewww! I did not cheat on you.

EBUKA: my question was clear, and it requires yes or no! Now, for the last time, did you sleep with your manager or not!!!!😡😡😡

FUNMI: Ebuka, I have never cheated on you!😢😭

EBUKA: you sure know how to test my patience, don’t you! Now, listen you little dirty cheat!
I need a break pending when I’ll be qualified to file for a divorce.
I would have done so this minute but we haven’t been married for up to a year, so we cannot obtain a divorce.
Take whatever belongs to you and leave before I come back

FUNMI: Ebuka, You know I can’t go to my family. They won’t have me! Why are you being unreasonable! Who is perfect anyway!

EBUKA: Funmi, I have never asked you to be perfect! All I ever wanted is faithfulness in our marriage! Is that too much to ask for!!!

FUNMI: I have been faithful!😭😭

EBUKA: indeed! Well, since you don’t have anyone to go back to, I will leave for you! Enjoy yourself and have more sex in the office or in our bedroom (Walks away angrily and as he walked to his car, his phone began to ring..)
Hello, hello?

CHINWENDU: Ebuka, is that you?

EBUKA: Yes, dede. Good morning.

CHINWENDU: are you sober? And can you hold a meaningful conversation?

EBUKA: hian! What’s the meaning of that!

CHINWENDU: will you shut your stupid mouth! What’s the meaning of this video Nkechinyere sent me on whatsapp! When did you become a drunk to the extent of coming home late totally off your face! When, Ebuka!!!

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EBUKA: I’m sure you’ll agree with me that I am an adult, and can have a drink or two when I want!

CHINWENDU: Ebuka, so this is What a Yoruba woman has reduced you to! Tell, me, what is going on in your marriage?

EBUKA: it’s nothing I cannot handle. I am a man.

CHINWENDU: well, act like one! This is the same girl you left Oge for! A beautiful independent Igbo woman I found you here in Germany. Oge is doing well now with her husband and her son, while you are drinking yourself to stupor over your Yoruba woman!

EBUKA: would you ever stop pulling the Oge card? Dede, please let me be. If I need your help or anyone else’s I would ask!

CHINWENDU: well, for your information, it’s been three months now since I was made redundant. Lisa has been taking care of all the family needs. So if you keep drinking and damage your liver or kidney, be ready to treat yourself.

And just so you know, Nkechi is still solely your responsibility. Mother needs to be taken care of and at the moment, I can’t do it. Better wake up and smell the coffee!
Send that Yoruba woman away before she sends you to your grave!
Ekwuchagom! (I’m done talking)

EBUKA: bye!

(Ebuka threw his phone into his car, and drove off)

(Funmi was in the bedroom drowning in the ocean of her own tears when her phone rang. When she picked up, it was her project supervisor at uni calling)

FUNMI: hello, ma’am good morning

PROFESSOR: morning, Funmi. Are you okay?

FUNMI: Yes, ma’am.

PROFESSOR: you haven’t been attending classes and I am yet to receive your primary research. I think I did mention to you that you have some outstanding debts to clear.
Your project is due to be handed in on the 30th of this month. How do you intend to do that when you have not even done your primary research!

FUNMI: I know…but..I.. I.. don’t think I will be continuing the programme. I’ll come back to it when I’m ready.😢

PROFESSOR: awwww that’s a shame! You were doing really well. Can’t you get a loan from the bank or something?

FUNMI: sorry ma’am but I’ll rather not talk about it.

PROFESSOR: That’s okay. All the best, Funmi. Bye!

(While Funmi cried upstairs, Nkechi and Amara were in their room. Nkechi was really concerned and wondering what Funmi must have done to her brother…)

NKECHI: who knows what this demon did to him! Amara, do you know?

AMARACHI: not at all. But he has really changed towards her. He is not even talking to her; must be hard for her as well

NKECHI: I don’t care about her! I care about my brother! I hope they break up so that Ebuka will be himself again!

AMARACHI: NKechi, I wanted to tell you that I’ll be leaving on Sunday

NKECHI: why???

AMARACHI: but we said my flight was rescheduled for Sunday. So we have to keep to it, so that they don’t get to know we are lying

NKECHI: come on! Where is your brain when I need it! Now that he hates her, it is the time for you to get him to love you.
By the way, why did you stop wearing shorts and all?
He needs affection now more than ever! Cook for him, text him at work to see how he is doing. All those little thing! Come on!

AMARACHI: I’m convinced that your brother doesn’t like me. I don’t want to continue insulting myself. I’m only doing this because of you otherwise I wouldn’t. But from Portharcourt I will be calling him and maybe sending him pictures.

NKECHI: are you sure you won’t give up?

AMARACHI: I promise. Let me go upstairs and tell Funmi that I’ll be going home on Sunday

NKECHI: do you have to?

AMARACHI: just common courtesy. At least she allowed me into her home.

NKECHI: mtcheeeew. Go then!

(Amara went upstairs and met Funmi still crying. She lowered her voice to prevent Nkechi hearing them)

AMARACHI: did you tell him?

FUNMI: I told him I didn’t cheat!

AMARACHI: and? So you just told him you didn’t cheat? Girl! You need to be specific and tell him exactly what happened!
Yes you slept with him but not whilst married, like you told me.
Tell him you were in a relationship with him! Open your mouth and talk to your man!
No one is gonna do that for you!

FUNMI: I tried but he wouldn’t listen😢😢

AMARACHI: then send him a text message. He can’t help reading it. All he seeks is an answer!
Anyway, I came to tell you that I’ll be leaving on Sunday

FUNMI: (kneels down and holds her legs) please don’t leave me and go. Please stay here with me. I have no one else to talk to😭😭😭😭
Don’t leave me please

AMARACHI: I understand but I need to go back to Portharcourt. That’s where my family lives. Unless you want to come with me

FUNMI: but I work here. I’ll lose my job if I leave Abuja, please, Amara.

AMARACHI: I’ll think about it. In the meantime, wipe those tears and go look for something to eat, okay?

FUNMI: okay. I will. Thank you for being so kind. Thank you!

To be continued……..😜😜😜😜

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