Top Footballers Who Don’t Drink Alcohol


Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his incredible work ethic and healthy lifestyle, and one of the biggest contributors to his success is the fact that he doesn’t drink alcohol. Can you think of other footballers who are teetotalers?

Diego Maradona and George Best are two of some of the world’s best footballers in the history of the game who famously fought alcohol addiction, while Jabu “Pule” Mahlangu has also opened up about his battle with drugs and alcohol.

Stiff drinks have so often ruined some of the world’s best footballers, and it’s often because of this that other professionals decide to not tough it all together.

Real Madrid superstars Gareth Bale and “CR7” are famous for not drinking any alcohol…

The Welshman admitted that he never drinks alcohol because he doesn’t enjoy the taste, whilst Ronaldo’s reason is more of a personal one. His father passed away after years of alcohol abuse, and that is the main factor he decided to avoid the bottle.

Franck Ribery is another famous teetotaler after he converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim woman in 2006, making him one of a number of Muslim players who also stay away from alcohol.

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane also prefers soft drinks instead, whilst Ivory Coast and Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure won’t be found drinking alcohol because of his faith too.

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