What Do You Think Might Be The Reasons Love & Affection Reduce After A While In A Relationships?


Why is it that some people are sweet at the beginning, usually have time for you, serious at the beginning but later on change up once you fall in love with them so much?

Does it mean that all the romantic moments only happen at first but never last?

Dear reader

I think you’re in a place now wherein many people have been and may definitely relate with.

Falling in love and being in a relationship are two different things. Connected, however sincerely different.

Falling in love is simple, random and unpremeditated. Being in a relationship requires a lot more than that. It is a continuous conscious attempt that one needs to live devoted to giving, in particular when it is uneasy.

And it’ll sometimes be.

Love isn’t constantly dreamy and rosy and perfumed. it is also gritty as well; calls for your digging to your feet and fighting to maintain your promise to the best of your capacity.

This part regularly comes later on. the start comes with a heady, giddy happiness. And that deceives most people into wondering that that’s the way it’ll be all the time. But sadly speaking it never does.

What everyone needs to know is that there might be a case whereby you won’t feel in love. And married people have attested to this. But feelings is no longer important after the beginning. It is the decision that counts.

In those instances, learning to not nag or throw tantrums is best. And for the partner going through the phase, pushing themselves as much as possible to stay emotionally connected will go a long way.

Romance can and does last forever. But it gets to some point where it is effort that’ll push it through, no longer feelings.

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