See The Moment When Dani Alves Volunteered To Become PSG’s Goalkeeper Last Night And It Was Priceless


Dani Alves has got an impressive CV to say the least. The 34-year-old has won 36 trophies and has appeared in the UEFA Team of the Year an impressive five times but last night, something extra special happened.

In the 90th minute of Paris-Saint Germain’s 4-1 win over Sochaux in the French Cup, defender Alves decided to put on a pair of gloves when goalkeeper Kevin Trapp was sent off for a foul on the edge of the box.

NOTE: they weren’t just a standard pair of black magic gloves you’d get from the chemist.

In a moment of sheer madness, the brilliant Alves decided to try his hand at the art of goalkeeping and although he only spent around 30 seconds in the net, he managed to keep a clean sheet.

What more do you want?

Looking distinctly tiny as Sochaux lined up a free-kick in the dying embers of the game, the 5ft 6 frame of Alves directed the wall like a true professional

If you haven’t seen this yet, you need catch a glimpse of the defender in goal below

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the ridiculous, but brilliant moment from Alves:

Take a bow, Dani Alves.

You’re still not a patch on the greatest goalkeeper of all time though. Thank you for the memories, John O’Shea.

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