See The Changes Made By UEFA


The kickoff times have been changed for both UEFA Champions league and Europa League.

The CL matches which generally kick off at 7.45pm (GMT) will now kick off at 5.55pm or 8 pm. And this will additionally apply to the Europa League. The modifications will, however, be effected next season (2018-19).

Other adjustments

In the Premier league, the top 4 teams will immediately go to the group stage in place of what was going on before, where the 4th team had to go through a qualifier to attain the group stages. Same rules apply to teams from Italy, Germany, and Spain. This change therefore means there will be 26 automatic qualifiers, an increase on the current 22.

Two teams from England, Italy, Germany, and Spain will play in the Europa League.

Every group removed from the Champions League qualifiers gets a chance to qualify for the Europa League, with ten teams coming into the competition via this route.

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