New Feature Added To Latest Instagram Update


Since instagram secretly but not officially, launched or released the “ Direct ” app which is basically used for chatting with instagram pals, there have not been much features added but now, the activity status of your buddy can now be revealed.

the activity status is like “Active Now ” which is basically below a user name, if the person is surfing instagram at that moment and a certain time ago, if the user is away from instagram.

However, this new feature is not for everyone, its currently working for some people, it seems the feature is on test but many users have attest to it. The feature works on both Android and iOS Instagram Direct app. Another thing i love about it  is that you can also disable the “activity” feature.

Just like how Facebook and Messenger apps works, Instagram direct message system was reported to be split into two separate apps and I think this might be an effort towards that.

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