So you finally find the one you have been looking for all your life. She is everything you ever wanted and more. He sets your heart on fire with love. You guys hit it off. Everything seems perfect. But how do you stop yourself from making the same mistakes you made in your past relationships? Do you even know the things you did wrong?

We will look at some of the things that are guaranteed to push your relationship to the brink and down the cliff eventually, if you don’t watch it.

  1. First on that list is Clinginess. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with their shadows. You may think calling him/her up every minute of the day to ask if he has eaten and what he ate, or showing up uninvited and wanting to spend every seconds of every day with him, is proof of the love you have for him. On the contrary, if you love them, give them breathing space.


  1. Cheating is a deal-breaker in most relationships. Your partner may not care about how many people you have been with in the past but they want to know that you are faithful now that you are with them. You could be discrete but sooner or later, they are bound to find out and it is going to hurt them. Do not lose the one you love to cheap thrills.


  1. Communication is the most important tool in any relationship. It is the single, most important bridge that once burnt, the center will no longer hold and things will fall apart. Lack of communication- not talking about those things you don’t like or want, past wrongs or appreciating their efforts, is the fastest and most guaranteed way to break even the most perfect relationships. Your partner is not a mind reader so don’t expect them to know things. Talk about it.


  1. Deceit: any relationship built on lies and deceit is like a timed bomb waiting to explode. If you would have to lie about it later to your partner, you should probably not be doing it, because one lie always requires another lie to cover it up, until you get caught up in all the lies.
  2. Taking them for granted: take your partner for granted and watch them walk away for good. It is a known fact that nobody wants to be a relationship with someone who treats them like an afterthought. The one you love should be a priority in your life. But once they perceive you hardly make out time for them, you will lose them faster than the blink of an eye.
  3. Being a jealous, control freak: sometimes you can’t help that urge to want to control your partner’s life and make choices for both of you. If you think you know what is better for them, or decide to choose friends for them or show you don’t trust them by monitoring their movements or checking their phones always, then watch that relationship hit the rocks fast.

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