How To Grow Facial Hair Faster (Beard Gang)


If you’re the beard frick type or you fancy how your friends beards grow full and dark then read up to know how you can match yours with your friends.

Regardless of hair type, hair is made of one thing, protein. By eating a protein rich diet you are guaranteed that you are providing your body with the correct nutrients it needs to grow hair. With that being said, not all men can grow beards or even grow a beard that is full and thick.

You will first need to start growing the beard. Go 4-6 weeks without shaving it. When the time has come check to see how things are going. Does your beard have “holes” in it? Has it grown any more from weeks 4-6? This will be able to tell you if you can grow a nice full beard.

Your genetics will be the ones deciding on whether you can grow a beard or not in the way you would want it to. At 4-6 weeks I would trim just the ends of the beard so that if you do have “holes” the “holes” will not show. Trim your beard until the hair in the “holes” catches up. This may take some time and you may just want to give up but don’t. The idea here is to grow the less developed hairs in your beard to the length that you want, while trimming the fuller parts of your beard to the less developed hairs.

But if that doesn’t work for you perfectly or you were not able to achieve your desire then you can follow these alternative procedure.

You can grow your facial hair faster by using a potent beard oil. You can source one online. You can also make it yourself, the recipe as follows :

  1. take equal quantities of castor and almond oil. 100 ml each is good.
  2. add 10 drops each of essential oils like rosemary, lavender and tea tree to the 2 carrier oils.

Then, use this potent oil blend to massage on beards each night. You will see the difference within a month or two.

This is the most effective and chemical free way to grow facial hair fast with no side effects.

That is all we have to say about growing facial hair. Happy beard gang

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