Glass Protective Won’t Work Properly On Smartphone With A Fingerprint Reader In The Display


Vivo during the CES 2018 showoff their novelty, a phone with integrated fingerprint reader right under the screen. The solution from Synaptics is the first to ever worked properly.

Although, during the time the company was introducing the new technology, they did not specify the name of the device that will be available to the new sensor. Now we understand that Vivo X20 Plus UD will be called. Today we’ve discovered that customers who are interested in this smartphone must be cautious about one thing.

It turned out that the built-in fingerprint sensor technology does not directly work on the display with cover glasses that have a certain thickness.

Only special glasses

This is a tricky situation because scratching the display may have a real impact on the sensor functionality. However, If you decide to protect the screen by glass, the fingerprint will not work well with it.

On the other hand, Vivo in the package offers a cover glass designed to make everything work as it should.

Vivo X20 Plus UD is available for reservation only for the Chinese market. The pre-order company will launch on January 29, and the full sale will be on February 1. The price of the device is in China at the level of 455 €, but it should be noted that it does not offer completely high-end specifications.

As for other manufacturers selling their devices in our country, the first smartphone with a scanner in the display should be Galaxy Note 9. This is mostly coming after the IFA Fair, which takes place annually at the end of the summer in Berlin.

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