The Game Caught In The Act ‘Sliding Into 16-Year Old Girl’s DM’


American rapper, The Game, has been called out for sending a DM to a 16-year-old Instagram model, Kendra Boutif.

Boutif, who goes by the handle ‘6kenza’ on IG, posted a screenshot of the 37-year old California native’s DM to her – a black heart.

The Game was responding to a photo she had posted on her page, and the DM got her laughing as she wrote, ‘So The Game dm’d me’accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Her profile bio sets her age at 16, though, and has got people looking at Los Angeles Confidential some type of way.

The rapper’s last post on IG was just over a week ago, where he states he’ll be off the platform for the next 60 days while he gets back in shape.

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