How to Enjoy FREE WhatsApp With Airtel’s Chat Sare (DETAILS INSIDE)


Everyone can relate to staying up in bed online, past midnight blithely flirting with the crush and at the same time engaging in a lively conversation with your pals on that WhatsApp group that can’t seem to give you a break.

And for majority of us who are constantly on the grind throughout the day, unwillfully dozing off mid-conversation, unceremoniously leaving the other person hanging and waking up to send that “sorry, I passed out” text the following day, is part of the norm.

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It’s the simple joys and convenience of sharing our intimate thoughts with the people we love in whichever situation that make WhatsApp the go-to app for chatting.

Studies show that WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat app, with over 1.5 billion users each and every month.

With additional features that enhance the experience such as voice, video calls, broadcast messages and WhatsApp statuses, it is clear why it has become a darling to many phones users.

Checking up and keeping in touch has been made much easier with a myriad of ways of sending a message. This is through using memes, short videos and my personal favourite (GIFs).

Be it organizing events remotely or submitting work-related documents, the app compliments any lifestyle and since it is used worldwide, it totally redefines convenience.

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The App has regular updates the latest being a new feature to the Android beta version that allows users to respond privately to a contact in a group – cool right?

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the feature is called ‘Reply privately’ and as the name suggests, allows people to reply privately to a message received in a WhatsApp group.

As much as the new updates are enticing, the only thing that threatens to curtail an extensive WhatsApp experience is the issue of the data bundles – yeap, the elephant in the room.

Having no data especially on the go can be a bummer to enjoying those mouth-watering chats.

Those on the #ChatSare bandwagon, however, no very little of this interruption.

Airtel data bundles

The packages offered by Airtel give you the freedom to enjoy free WhatsApp that doesn’t use up your data bundles while still maintaining high speeds.

Also unlike other offers where free WhatsApp kicks in once your data gets depleted, the Airtel package gives you free access right from the moment you purchase the bundles.

That’s what it means to #ChatSare, you connect with your loved ones without any limitations, at regular speeds and at your best comfort.

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