Check Out These 5 Apps That Will Make You A Better Student In 2018


It is 2018, schools have resumed and as a student you’ve probably made a new year resolution to get better in your academic pursuit.

I also believe you’re ready to get more committed to your studies and stop the procrastination that got you some poor grades last session.

And since you wish to improve and get better in your studies, here are some applications that can help you actualise your new year academic decisions.

5 apps that will make you a better student in 2018

These apps will increase your productivity, make your academic dream easier and your study more fun.

Lecture Capture Apps

If you still go to lecturer room with a notepad and a pen, you might be living in yesterday because you won’t be able to capture everything your lecturer reels out.

You’ll need to get lecture capture application that can help you record the lectures while you make jottings of the most important points.

5 apps that will make you a better student in 2018

Lecture captures apps allows you back to the lecture, play and listen to it over and over again. Such apps include Sound Note,Note Plus and the Voice Recorder on your phone can do this for you.

Planner Apps

As a student planning apps will also help and bring out the productivity in you. To get better this year will require you to plan every activity to avoid campus distractions.

As a student, Google Calendar is one of the best you can use to plan your activities. You can also use myHomework Student Planner. With these apps, you can plan your assignment, project, set a goal and reminder. You can also create an event for class presentations, project defence etc.

5 apps that will make you a better student in 2018

Dictionary Apps

Every student is expected to have a dictionary, as a matter of fact, a student’s life is incomplete without a dictionary. It is 2018 and nobody expects you to go about carrying a cumbersome copy of the New Oxford or Merriam Webster Dictionary.

There are hundreds of dictionary apps you can download on Play Store, but I will recommend you go for the popular one.

5 apps that will make you a better student in 2018

Merriam Webster Dictionary apart from giving you the meanings of the words you look for will also give you the pronunciation of the word, its etymology and your recent searches.

Learning Apps

You know the lecturer can’t teach you everything you need to know and you are sure you can’t get everything in the classroom. You just have to learn a lot of other things through extra efforts.

5 apps that will make you a better student in 2018

Learning Apps like Studious, Coursera andGoConqr will help you to learn a lot of things your teachers won’t have time to teach you.

Dictation App

In case you missed a class and you need to get the note from your course mate who was able to write the most important points, you might need to use dictation apps if your typing skill sucks.

5 apps that will make you a better student in 2018

Dragon Dictation is the app to get if you’re poor at typing and you have a lot of note to type. All you need do is to get the note and start to talk into Dragon Dictation and it’ll convert everything into text for you.

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