How You Can Convert PDF To Word On Android Phones


PDF is one of the most popular and frequently used file formats in the world. Many professionals realized its potential and therefore it is now used in many industries like accounting, legal, education etc.

Environmental activists and people who are trying to go green also fall into the category of PDF users since it can help us go green and save the environment.

PDF (Portable Document Format) was introduced to the market in the early 90s by Dr. John Warnock, the Adobe co-founder. His idea was to create a lightweight file format and that cost nothing to create. The main features of a PDF files are:

– They look exactly the same, no matter the OS and the device they are viewed on,
– They are extremely hard to edit and can be password protected,
– They can consist of various formats like audio files, videos, pictures and so on.

At the same time, one of the biggest advantages of a PDF is its biggest flaw. PDFs are very hard to edit. Once the PDF is created, there’s no easy way to edit anything in the document. There are only 2 options, you can either retype the whole document or you can use PDF conversion software or apps.

Since PDF conversion software can be really expensive, we will focus on the people on the go and mobile apps they can use to convert PDFs. Not all apps are equal. Majority of them give end results of poor quality, lack some important features and have a confusing user interface.

Our Choice
One of the best apps we came across is PDF to Word Converter. It has given us great and accurate results with our conversions. Some of its most notable features are:

– There is no limit on the number of files you can convert and their size
– Document scanner with automatic border detection
– Ability to convert Gmail attachments and files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud directly within the app.
– Ability to convert scanned images with the help of its OCR engine
– Excellent conversion quality

Even though the process of conversion is pretty straightforward and the app has friendly UI, we decided to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to convert PDF to Word on Android device.

How to Convert PDF to Word

1. Download PDF to Word Converter from the Play Store

Just type “PDF to Word Converter” in the search bar of a Play Store and download the app. It is good to mention that this app is available for the iOS as well.

2. Select the file you want to convert within the app

After you have downloaded the app, open it and select the file you want to convert. You can do that from listed cloud services, Gmail attachments or directly from your mobile device.

The other option is to take a photo of the document and convert it into Word. All of this can be done directly within the app. The new scanning feature with automatic border detection will improve the scan in order to get a better conversion output. For the best results, our advice is to scan a document on a flat surface and without any visible background.

3. Upload and convert the file

After choosing and uploading the file, the conversion will start. Depending on the file size you wish to convert, you will have to wait some time for it to be uploaded to the servers. It usually won’t take more than a few seconds. During this process, the app has to be open and after the upload is complete you can freely close the app in order to save battery. The notification will pop up on the screen when the conversion is completed.

That’s it, you are finished. It only took 3 easy steps and a couple of minutes of your time. Now you can open and edit your file in the text editing app of your choice.

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