Few Apps To Secure Your Android Device


As of 2016, there are approximately 1.85 billion android smartphones worldwide. This developing recognition has brought about more and more hacks and cyber attacks against the Operating System. Unfortunately, android customers need more protection than what is obtainable via google. The good issue is that there are some of alternatives available, Gadget Hacks Says.

With those third-party apps, users can offer their smartphones (and tablets) with safety robust sufficient enough to combat cyber attacks.

Put simply, these apps supply your device multiple layers of defense and offer a backup plan if one fails, allow us to take a glimpse at just 4 of them below.


The cornerstone of most safety at the net is a strong password. Most of the people don’t sincerely use a strong password because it is way too difficult to memorize a string of random letters, numbers, and special characters for each account you have got. But with a great password manager, you only have to memorize one strong password, then the app will take care of everything else for you.

We recently did a roundup evaluating all of the best password managers on android, and LastPass got here out on top. Its combination of affordable pricing and a rich characteristic set helped secure its number one spot handily. From cloud sync functions that help keep your passwords on all your devices to security options like a password auditor, you truely can’t go wrong with LastPass.

Norton Mobile Security

Thanks to hackers, phishers, and bitcoin miners, there are now many different varieties of malware designed mainly for android. To make matters worse, google has had a hard time preventing such assaults from penetrating the Play Store — their new play shield system only has a real-time detection rating of 48.5 percent. for context, the industry average is 94.8 percent.

This indicates that we can’t depend on Google to guard us from malicious apps. Rather, we need an amazing antivirus solution to ensure the apps installed on our phones aren’t leaking our information.

After weeks of research, we finally settled on Norton Mobile Security as our top pick for the best antivirus app on android. Not only is it extremely good at rooting out malware apps with a 100 percent real-time detection rate, Norton also offers a full suite of protection features to protect you from more than one threats.

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