If you are the type of girl who thinks guys only want one thing from ladies, then it’s probably because you don’t have much to offer. Sex is important to guys but there are other things they want from their ladies too. Here are five things guys expect from single ladies:

  1. Intelligence: it is a known fact that most guys are sapiosexual in nature. In addition to the looks, they want a woman they can have intelligent conversations with. They want to discuss politics, football, movies, work etc. A woman who listens and makes meaningful contributions is all they ask for.


  1. Emotional maturity: men do not like drama. Women are known to be drama queens. Being emotionally matured entails you can handle any issues that arise anywhere and at any time with maturity, without playing the damsel in distress.


  1. Independence: contrary to common beliefs that men expect ladies to be fragile, needy and dependent, men actually want ladies that are independent and strong and who can hold their own against any odds. Financial independence is a very important aspect of this.


  1. Self-respect: people tend to treat you the way you treat yourself. A lady that respects herself earns respect from others, especially from men. The way you dress, talk and conduct yourself generally, speaks highly of you. They equally want that respect extended to them.
  2. Be yourself: there is nothing more off-putting than living a fake and pretentious life. Nothing beats being real. And men expect and love it when a lady is herself, even with her flaws.

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