Survery: Nokia Was The Most Mentioned Brand At MWC 2018


Nokia made its second appearance at the MWC 2018 after its first appearance since HMD took over the reins last year at
MWC 2017 . And they sure left a mark. Nokia brought to the table 4 new smartphones, none of them disappointing. From flagships to resurrection of an old phone, Nokia didn’t leave any stone unturned.

At the just concluded MWC, Nokia managed to collect several awards, more than two dozens by our count, during the 4-day event. Nokia’s CEO put the number of awards at 21. In a survey published by Brandwatch in partnership with Twitter, Nokia has turned out to be the most mentioned brand at the MWC 2018. Despite the presence of heavyweights such as Samsung, Apple, Google and Huawei.

The survey showed that Nokia was number 1 most mentioned brand, followed by Samsung at the second position and then Huawei, Google and Apple in that order.

The gap that Nokia has bridged as a smartphone manufacturer from its failed line of phones to the now most talked about handsets is impressive.

The company launched 4 new smartphones, the Nokia 8 Sir occo Edition, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6 2018, and the Nokia 8110 4G aka banana phone. Nokia has done a great job with the new line of phones. We are expecting to see more from Nokia this year.

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